Hi, we’re FHGORG, and welcome to the FHGORG Market Refund Rules. Because we are a platform, these rules outline what you can expect from the authors of the items you buy. They apply to all authors and customers.

The products that authors sell on the platform are digital goods and cannot be “returned”, so your entitlement to a refund is designed with this in mind. Of course, in addition to these rules, each country has its own laws surrounding refunds, and these local laws are not excluded if they apply to you.

Please note that we are unable to process refunds for products where the date of purchase is older than:

14 days and over: For all platform-supported items

Contacting Authors for Technical Issues:

If you encounter technical issues with an item purchased from our “Web Themes and Templates” or “Code” category, we recommend reaching out to the author for assistance before requesting a refund. Authors are often able to provide helpful troubleshooting.

Asking for refunds from FHGORG via the FHGORG platform:

We understand, however, that sometimes the author may not be able to solve your issue or there may be circumstances in which a refund is warranted. In this case, here are the circumstances in which we would expect an author to provide you with a refund:

Item is “not as described” or the item doesn’t work the way it should.

If an item fail to function as intended, it is the responsibility of the author to swiftly address the issue through an item update. An item is considered “not as described” if there is a substantial disparity between the item and its description or preview. If the issue cannot be rectified, or it becomes evident that the item is indeed “not as described,” you are eligible to request a refund from the author.

The item contain a security vulnerability

If an item contains a security vulnerability and can’t easily be fixed you may be entitled to a refund from the author. If the item can be fixed, then the author should do so promptly update it. If the item contains a security vulnerability that is not patched in an appropriate timeframe then we anticipate the author to offer a refund for the item.

Support for the item is assured but not provided

If an author advertises their item as providing item support, or if you purchase an item support extension, you have a legal right to support (including any extensions purchased). If you do not receive the specified assistance in line with the item support policy, the author is required to compensate you for the cost of the item (if support was included) or the cost of the item support purchase (if support was required during the extension period). It’s worth noting that unused Item Support Extensions aren’t refundable.

Items that have not been downloaded

If you haven’t downloaded a bought item within 14 days of purchase, you might qualify for a refund. To verify your claim of non-download, you must furnish the author with your purchase code. While we consider 14 days reasonable, if applicable consumer laws grant you extended rights, we acknowledge those rights, potentially allowing for a more extended refund period, especially if the purchase was for personal use and the item remains undownloaded.

Refund Policy for Unattended Courses:

At FHGORG, we understand that circumstances may arise preventing you from attending a course you’ve enrolled in. To ensure a fair and transparent process, we have developed the following refund policy:

Eligibility for Refund:

    Refund Process:

    Refund Amount:

    Payment Method:


    Course Access:

    Contact Information:

    Resolving disputes – seeking assistance from FHGORG

    If you and an author are unable to reach a agreement on a refund, you have the option to initiate a dispute for FHGORG to investigate the matter. Supporting documentation or evidence may be requested during this process. The issuance of any refund by FHGORG is at our discretion. Our decision will be based on all available information, and you acknowledge that our decision is final. Purchases exceeding 14 days are not eligible for dispute.

    As allowed by relevant laws, neither FHGORG nor the authors are obligated to provide policy refunds in any of the situations outlined below.

    Refunds will not be granted under the following circumstances:

    1. You no longer desire the item after downloading it.
    2. The item falls short of your expectations or is perceived as low quality.
    3. Change of mind or accidental purchase.
    4. Purchase made in error.
    5. Inadequate expertise to use the item.
    6. Claims for a refund lack sufficient supporting information.
    7. Inability to access the item due to removal or inactivity of the author on our platform (we recommend prompt downloading after purchase to prevent this situation).
    8. Product purchase occurred over 14 days ago (for Themeforest and CodeCanyon supported items).

    By enrolling in our courses, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this refund policy. FHGORG reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time, with any changes being communicated in advance.

    Version 1.2: Effective Date: November 2023